Finished Single Vision Lenses

Clarity Opticals is committed to providing the latest technology and the widest range of lenses. Whether it is the Material, the Coating, the Power combinations or the type of surfaces, Clarity provides you the best, at a reasonable price.

Here are some of the features of our comprehensive range:


Our range includes all indices of materials, including the ultra thin Super-High Index lenses Nd 1.74 and Nd 1.67. We also have polycarbonate and photochromic polycarbonate lenses


We have every variety of coating including the latest super-slippery oleophobic, super-hydrophobic coatings that resist fingerprint smudging and are easy to clean. (Super hydrophobic EZ-Kleen AR coating) We also have a wide variety of tintable hard coats in CR-39, 1.56and 1.61 index lenses.

Sphere / Cylinder power combinations:

We have the widest selection of cylinders in all indices. We go upto a cylinder of -4.00 in 1.49, 1.56, 1.61 and 1.67 lenses, giving you the ability to obtain a combined power of - 14.00 from stock the same day that you order it!


Special surfaces available include Double Aspheric in 1.67index. These lenses are thinner and lighter than the 1.74 index, with a much lower price point.

With this advanced range and capability, Clarity Opticals can provide the thinnest, lightest, clearest and most comfortable lenses to all types of users. Select from our amazing range from the list.