optical Lenses Vancouver

Thank you for visiting the web site of Clarity Opticals - home of the finest optical lenses in the industry.

This site is designed exclusively for eye care professionals of Canada to obtain information about, and order stock optical lenses. The advanced on-line ordering capabilities of this site facilitate fast and easy replenishment of stock or tray orders for all types of finished, single vision optical lenses.

Clarity Opticals is an optical lens warehouse. Our mission is to provide the widest possible selection of the highest quality optical lenses, at the most reasonable price with the most prompt service in the industry. Our aim is to provide an OTIF (on-time, in full) delivery rate of 99%.

Some highlights of our range of optical lenses are given below:

  • Power range: Highest range of sphere/cylinder combinations in the industry - cylinder of - 4.00 in all indices. We keep, in stock at all times, high cylinder optical lenses (cylinder of -4.00) in index 1.67, 1.60, 1.56 and 1.49.
  • Material: Every index in stock - including 1.74 index and 1.67 index. Optical lenses made of these materials are thin, light and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Coating: Every type of coating in stock - scratch resistant, anti-reflective (AR) and Super Hydrophobic EZ Kleen AR (fingerprint resistant and dust repellent coating). Our optical lenses have coatings made with proprietary technology. The lenses and coatings have been tested and given seals of approval by the US FDA, the European CE and German TUV.
  • Surface and Shape: Aspheric and double aspheric optical lenses in stock. We follow the latest technology and have the flattest base curves with the thinnest lenses. These lenses provide low eye magnification and are extremely comfortable for the wearer.

Click here to see the details of our optical lens range. If you need further information or assistance with the ordering process, please contact us by clicking here.